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What is sous vide?

Sous vide is the method of cooking vacuum-sealed food in a controlled low-temperature water bath.

It is a top chef's secret weapon because it allows you to craft consistently delicious, perfectly cooked dishes, effortlessly and consistently.

Reasons to Sous Vide

Never overcook a thing

Precise temperature control ensures your food never becomes over- or undercooked. Steak becomes magically medium-rare from edge to edge, every time.

Textures you can't get anywhere else

Sous vide eggs cooked in various temperatures will yield a variety of yolk textures, from ones that are like a sauce to others that are like a golden custard.

Seal in nutrition

When vegetables are prepared sous vide, they retain more of their vitamins and nutrients and taste fresh – without losing any of their toothsome texture.

You Only Need 4 Things

An immersion circulator

Nomiku is a clip-on appliance that turns any pot into a temperature-controlled water bath, perfect for sous vide cooking.

Your favorite pot

A pot you already own with a height of at least 8 inches can make a perfectly good water bath for your Nomiku. We also recommend 12 quart polycarbonate containers.

A heat-safe bag

You can use a vacuum-sealer, or the water displacement method with a food-safe freezer bag to seal your food. 

A recipe 

Every Nomiku comes with a detailed sous vide primer. The primer is filled with delicious starter recipes, best practices, and tips to have the best sous vide experience possible.

Buy a Nomiku

Classic Nomiku

  • High power, small size, and safety features make it the essential kitchen tool to bring the magic of sous vide into your kitchen

WiFi Nomiku

  • The world's first wifi-connected sous vide device
  • Use Tender to create and send recipes directly to Nomiku